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Procedure to Renew Saudi Driving License Online through MOI

Ministry of Interior has launched a new setup to renew Saudi driving license online. The old procedure to renew Saudi driving license is still valid but I think after the launch of new procedure to renew Saudi driving license online, people will not be using the old procedure. The new procedure to renew driving license online using MOI or Abshir account is very simple and easy. Today, we shall be sharing with you the procedure to renew Saudi Driving License through MOI online. Before going into the procedure, I would like to share some conditions which one needs to meet to renew Saudi Driving License Online using MOI or Abshir Services.

Conditions to Renew Saudi Driving License Online through MOI
  1. Applicant should have updated fingerprints in MOI system
  2. Payment of renewal and/or delay fee, if any
  3. Payment of all traffic violation, if any
  4. Existing driving license should be valid for less than 180 days
  5. The applicant should be alive
  6. Medical report of the applicant must be updated in the system (Read last bullet)
Procedure to Renew Driving License Online through MOI
  • You need to have an account with Ministry of Interior. If you don’t have an online account with Ministry of Interior, you will have to register for it. The procedure to get you registered is explained in this link “Procedure to Register to Abshir (MOI) Services
  • Pay fee to renew Saudi Driving License online using MOI or Abshir services. The procedure to pay fee has been explained in this link “Payment of Fee for Renewal of Saudi Driving License
  • Now you need to login to Abshir (MOI) account. The procedure to login to Abshir (MOI) account has been changed a little bit. You can read about the updated procedure to login in this link “Login to Abshir (MOI) account”.

Once you are successfully logged into the account, you will have to click on the “E-Services”. Now click on the “Traffic” tab given on the left side of your computer screen. A drop down menu will appear from where you will have to select “Renew Driving License”.

A screen will appear where conditions to apply for renewal of Saudi driving license will be mentioned. We have already shared these conditions with you above. Just click on the “Next” button as shown in the image below after reading the conditions.

A new screen will appear from which you will have to click on the “Renew Private Driving License”. There is another tab from which you will have to select the number of years for which you want to renew Saudi driving license. The period selected here should be the same for which you have paid your fee for renewing driving license. You can also take help from the screenshot given below.
A new screen will appear from where you will have to press “Confirm”. Print the confirmation which carries a reference number. My driving license is valid for more than 180 days so I cannot give you screenshots of the further procedure. I would highly appreciate if someone could provide me the screenshots of further procedure by attaching it in the comments below.
If this kind of message appears on your computer screen while following the Procedure to Renew Saudi Driving License Online through MOI, go to nearest hospital for Eye test and blood group. Ask them to update medical report online (give your sponsor ID and your Iqama ID as well). Once you pass eye test and blood group, hospital staff updates your medical test result in the MOI online system.  Once online update is done, you are good to go.

$homan: I had to go to the same place where most people usually doing their family's medical for Iqama purpose when they arrive first time in KSA, Badar Al tamam Polyclinic in Sharfiyah, Jeddah to be precise. You need to have your Iqama, 1 photo, sponsor ID and SR 100 with you. First they will take your blood and may be in 10 min, they will give you the report of your blood group, depending on the rush. Then you have to wait for an eye test and it took me an hour to do that because of long queue. Then again they asked me to go another counter and submit my both reports, and after 10 min. I did receive the sms from "efada" that my medical report result has been sent successfully. A list of those medical centers who can do this medical test is given in the below link. Recommended: List of Approved Medical Centers for Iqama Issuance / Renewal

Just goto Muroor office which is located right at Sahafa Street, Jeddah with your existing driving license (old) and your Iqama (all original). Do not go directly in there and make sure you must do the Absher fingerprints again on the machine located right outside the office where you need to submit your old driving license. I don't know why we have to do the finger prints every time on license and istimara renewal.  The machine will show you the message that "the user is already exist in the system" but still you need to continue with the procedure and make sure you submit your right and left hand finger prints once again. (Nothing to worry about as it will only change your Absher password and send it to your mobile no. which you will input there)

After that just make sure you have renewed your license in the Absher system and that is it. Just go inside the office and take the ticket number from the machine, make sure you press "License" option on the ticket machine. At your turn, present your Iqama and deposit your old license to the officer and after 10 minutes, you he will call your name to collect your new license from the same window. No need to bring any print out of payment, picture or iqama copies. You can also go to Muroor office inside Dallah Driving School, Jeddah but they are giving renewed license after one day.

Location of Maroor Office in Jeddah

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